Prisma & Associates Special Services

Focus meetings, matchmaking, partnering events and consortium creating events are amongst Prisma’s USP’s. Taking time to know each other, letting ideas grow into new directions, making room for ‘social incubation’; Thus technology companies can be brought together to match competences, to create synergy or get higher market shares with the help of EU-programs like Cost or with Eureka.

Examples of Prisma Meetings of Mind(s)

1 Prisma has produced sustainable results with ‘Water related technologies’ where through the ‘Wittenburg Council’ companies from Israël and the Netherlands were brought together in alliances to collaborate and define new ambitions together.
2 ‘Fish breeding’ found in collaboration with industry institutes and government the best fish feed to raise larvae to iuveniles.
3 In assignment of the European Commission ‘Personalised Medicine’ organises international consultations on the adoption by science, doctors, patients, insurances and pharmaceutical companies.

Chair (man or woman) of the day

Unexpected decisions are sometimes made possible by an impartial chair, as well as a breakthrough in long lasting and ongoing processes can be caused by Prisma & Associates. They have skills and experience to take the lead in properly tune and preparation with the problem owners. When Holland had the chairmanship in Eureka in 2004 and 2005 Prisma assisted the Dutch Government. Our experts took care of the NPC-chair and a major part of the meeting preparations.

Prisma’s Programme Secretariat

A well skilled, dedicated external Secretariat for management and preparation of programme meetings and implementation of related activities is the secret wish of many programme owners. Prisma acted splendid as Secretariat for Eureka, several EU technology initiatives and TAFTIE, the Association of National Technology Implementation Agencies in Europe. Prisma takes good care of keeping up the network, drafting preparatory documents and organising meetings.

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