Joanne Goede

Entrepreneur by nature she initiated and managed Prisma, later Prisma& Associates. Established Eureka and the Association of Technology Agencies in Europe. Joanne Goede inspires people, raises team spirit and keeps an eye on effectiveness and efficiency. She works in an international context, managing the back office of the European Association of leading national innovation agencies, Taftie.


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In an assignment by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Joanne Goede worked as a Project Officer for Eureka, assessing and monitoring international market oriented technology projects.

She contributed to the Secretariat of the Task Force on Energy transition. The transition plan was defined by the Chairman of the Task Force, Rein Willems, former Director of Shell Netherlands, and presented to Minister Brinkhorst of Economic Affairs and State Secretary Van Geel of the Environment. The plan focuses on how the Netherlands can reduce CO2 emissions by 50% in 50 years.

She was involved in awareness raising and rolling out of the Institute Para Limes (IPL) concept. The Para Limes idea is based on the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, founded 25 years ago by scientists to create new sciences from combinations of the old. Singapore is developing a similar institute.

On behalf of the Dutch Innovation Network, she triggered the use of easy to recognise food labels Eeticons (the Dutch word for Foodicons, a contraction of food and emoticons) in discussions with branch organisations, companies and ministries. A concept for education of young people and awareness raising was developed.

Joanne is responsible for the Secretariat of Taftie, in this capacity serving members and assisting the yearly rotating Chair. Taftie, the European Network of Innovation Agencies, consists of 31 member organisations in 28 countries. Taftie members (amongst others, Bpifrance, Vinnova, CDTI, FFG, Enterprise Ireland and TTGV) share international best practice in supporting innovation and aid the collaboration of European businesses in order to compete internationally.

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