Okker van Batenburg

Great expertise in project and programme management, organisational development, strategy and business planning, technology policy and cost benefit analyses. Strong technology background combined with thorough knowledge of public service organisations. Okker van Batenburg is involved in the evaluation of R&D and investment programmes and responsable for implementations commissioned by the Dutch government.

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Director of the EC Coordination Office of Andersen Consulting Europe (1994-1998), Practice Management Director ad interim at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting (1999-2000) and Secretary General of the Dutch Language Union, a Dutch-Belgian inter-governmental organisation.

Directing, reviewing, evaluating
By the Ministry of Economic Affairs he was appointed as interim director of PEO/Novem (now part of AgencyNL) in charge of the reorganisation of the government-funded energy research infrastructure. A few years later he was appointed interim director of Bureau EC-Liaison (1990) t o manage a restructuring, and in 1995 to integrate EC- Liaison in AgencyNL.

From 1991 to 1993 he was purchasing director of TNO. His main task was to transform the decentralised structure to a centrally guided organisation. Commissioned by the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI) he was Manager Operations ad interim (2006-2007) at the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre (NMC), in charge of the construction of a public-private research collaboration with a budget of € 50 million.

For the Ministry of Economic Affairs he reviewed and evaluated several research programmes among which a € 120 million investment programme to strengthen the scientific infrastructure in the Netherlands and recently (2010) the € 275 million Point-One Innovation Programme on nano electronics, embedded systems and megatronics.

EU-LIFE, Health and Food
For the Ministry of Environment he evaluated the organisation and management of the EU-LIFE Programme, and the execution of the Programme Environment & Technology over the period 2002-2005. For the Ministry of Agriculture he investigated the feasibility of a new concept of sustainable aquaculture and developed a business plan for an energy producing greenhouse.

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and affiliated institutions he performed several organisational reviews and financial audits: Institute Clingendael, Atlantic Commission, Radio Netherlands Training Centre, IntEnt.

For the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI) he was involved in the design of a national proteomics programme; in the period 2004-2008 he was advisor international

affairs and on behalf of NGI member of the EU Programme Committee advisory group for Health and Food. In this period he was member of an international Steering Group of the European Commission to prepare a conference on ‘Funding basic research in the life sciences: exploring opportunities for European synergies’.

On behalf of NGI he managed from 2004 to 2008 ERA- NET Plant Genomics (ERA-PG), a network of 17 funding organisations from 15 countries, financed by the European Commission under FP6. Since 2011 he is Operations Director of EuroBioForum, an international platform for European life sciences funders (public and private) and performers in the field of personalised medicine, commis- sioned by the European Commission under FP7 (2011-2014).

25 Years of Eureka
For more than 25 years Okker has been involved in EUREKA, mainly in project assessments, evaluations, impact studies and strategic reviews, at national as well as European level. He was member of international evaluation panels under the Dutch, French and Turkish Chair in respectively 1991, 1993 and 1999. In the period 1996-2008 he assessed (and classified) more than 2000 projects on quality and market impact. Since 2008 he is evaluator of Eurostars projects.

For the European Commission he performed several internal studies on the administration and management of the EU research activities by DG Research and DG INFSO, focused on organisation, staffing, efficiency, externalisation and internal audit policies. He also reviewed the costs and cost structure of the Joint Interpreting and Conference Service (SCIC).

Commissioned by DG Research he conducted two comparative studies (benchmarks) of costs for staffing and administration, related to the spread of activities, comparing FP4 and FP5 management with ESF, EMBO, CERN, ESA, SenterNovem, IWT, DFG, ANVAR and the UK Research Councils.

Research and development
In 2010 he was member of an international expert panel to evaluate project proposals under the EU-Operational Programme ‘Research and Development for Innovation’ for the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

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