Pol van den Bergen

Lawyer by education, fascinated by business and technology. Many years working in these domains in different roles gave him considerable expertise. Pol van den Bergen is the driving force behind Eureka and is connected to industry, as well as government and intermediators. He finds human factors behind icy faces, functions best as mediator and chair person in complex and sensitive situations.

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For the Ministry of Economic Affairs he acted as a co-founder of STiPt, predecessor of Senter, Government Agency for the implementation of technology programs and projects in the Netherlands; specific task was in setting up the division International Affairs which he headed for five years.

Eureka Head Office
For both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Senter Agency, he worked as Secretary General, in diplomatic service, in the Eureka Head Office in Brussels for a term of five years. In this period he was the driving force behind the strategic re-definition of the Program and he managed successfully the incorporation of a number of former eastern European Countries.

In an assignment by the Ministry of Economic Affairs he served the Dutch Eureka Chairs -last one in 2004/2005- for two terms of 1 year as Chairman of the National Project Coordinators; further streamlining of the program and the launch of the Eurostars program can be seen as milestones in this project.

For the Ministry of Economic Affairs he established and headed the Dreamstart Foundation, chaired by Alexander Rinnooy Kan; as the pathfinder for the present TechnoPartner Organization for the Ministry a new policy on start ups was elaborated and new approaches in educating and supporting young entrepreneurs were defined and tried out.

Valor, Cost and more
For the EU and together with PERA Technology Agency in the UK he established and managed the VALOR Program, a 4 years effort to better convert science and technology into business.

For COST in Brussels he developed, together with Patras Business Park, a matching conference on international aquaculture in Greece. As a business creator the event was a great success; the year after the same formula was used

in Enkhuizen in an assignment of the Province of Noord Holland and the Municipality of Enkhuizen.

For the Worldbank he contributed to an in depth assessment of the Turkish Institute for technology implementation TTGV.

For the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport he prepared and implemented a series of 4 international workshops on safety assessments avoiding animal testing; he drafted a program proposal on safety for the Minister.

For the Netherlands Genomics Initiative he contributed to the strategic reorganization of NGI and its activities.

For Agency nl and the Ministry for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality he made an assessment of Threats and Opportunities for the Dutch Aquaculture Industry on global markets and he drafted an action plan on how to remove obstacles and promote growth.

Eureka and Israël
For the Israeli Government he was assigned to advise the Chief Scientist of the Trade and Industry Ministry in the preparation and implementation of the Israeli Chair in Eureka. Main issue in the assignment was the design of new mechanisms for financing innovation.

For VEWIN - association of Dutch Water Companies- an assignment is implemented in providing support for instance on international project activities and activities in the area of benchmarking.

Dutch Global Water Hubs
In a collaboration with MMRT Holding bv, Prisma&Associates is engaged in combining the Israeli and Dutch Global Water Hubs, in order to let companies team up in turn key projects and let them collaborate from business to business in case of complementary activities. Early 2012, P&A and MMRT Holding established the Wittenburg Council as a Clearing House for potential partnerships.

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