Jan Jongbloed

General manager with a strong pre-ference for building up organisations. Coming from management, IT and product innovation, he works globally in creating and expanding businesses in developing countries and emerging markets. Designed methods to train and coach new entrepreneurs on business and finance. Jan Jongbloed teaches business policy and strategy, has a masters in science and a postmaster in economics.

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As an (interim) CEO, Jan Jongbloed headed for more than 3 years an organization which provided consultancy services to entrepreneurs and enterprises in upcoming markets and developing countries.

For the EU-project Youth Work Corporations he served as project leader; YWC was a project, co-financed by the EU, with a total budget of € 4 million for 3 years where youngsters learned how to build their own businesses. From the official EU-evaluation: Within the Youth Work Corporation in Tilburg, 80-100 youngsters participated in the activities. 90% of those youngsters left social security, either by starting their own company (the majority), or got a job.

Jan Jongbloed was the originator, creator and overall responsible person for the XLX project; the project was funded by the EU and had a 3 year budget of € 650.000 for developing a simulation, to be used in many countries in the World to make people aware to start/create their own business. this method is now in use even in many developing countries, to stimulate private sector development. From one of the participants: Nathalie, 22 years old, student of University of Applied science in the Hague: ‘Learnt more in one day than I normally would have done in a month’.

For Webster University in the USA, he prepared the establishment of a daughter institution in Curacao, through fact finding, negotiating with local government and preparing initial business cases.

Jan Jongbloed was engaged in Business Development for Naturalis, institute of national and biological history in

Leiden, NL; he investigated possibilities for new commercial ventures based on the existing not for profit portfolio, he tested the commercial feasibility and acquired new commercial partners. As a technical advisor and lead negotiator, he served as a consultant for COA (Centraal Orgaan opvang Asielzoekers) with the assignment to merge their facilities department with PwC.

Motivation, Ambition and Potential
In a career development project for personnel- across two government oriented organizations IND and UWV- Jan was the originator and project manager; underlying idea being that a more rewarding, sustainable and motivational career for professionals could be found only when more than one organization would be involved. The project lead to the start of the successful Institute of Motivation Ambition and Potential (iMAP) where shares were divided over the organization mentioned and the originator.

Jan settled the acquisition and merger of Seinpost Advies, consultants for renovation of municipalities and RADAR Advies, consultants for social security issues.

He renovated Casas Media in an assignment from Bedrijfsfonds voor de Pers, a publisher of periodicals for migrants.

Best of Dutch Innovation
As an interim CEO, Jan Jongbloed headed, for a 5 year period, an organization that developed a managed server in an open source based concept. The organization turned out to be very successful and it may be considered one of the best examples of Dutch Innovation.

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