Prisma and Time Travel

Prisma has always had a strong preference to help innovative start-ups: idea-generation, concept-development, business generation, funding (publicly and privately)

Present examples are Time Travel and History Alive. 

Both start-ups are based on the possibilities of using augmented reality techniques and equipment to make history come alive; giving visitors to historic sites the opportunity to walk around in the past, when the pile of stones of the ruin was still a glorious building. Eventually the visitor will be offered the opportunity to be in the midst of festivities as they were held in the past, in a way revolutionizing the tourism industry to historic sites.

Time Travel
is the company that will develop apps that can be run on smart phones and tablet pc’s that will show and tell the story of the past; acting under assignment of municipalities and other historic site owners.

History Alive will  bring this development further in the sense that the applications to be developed will give visitors a vivid experience of the past , seeing, feeling, hearing and even smelling history in its glorious but also in its most difficult moments.

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