Succes in China for Prisma & Associates: signing Letter of Intent

The fact finding mission made by Prisma-and-Associates to China from 14 till 24 March has been very successful.

Intense discussions on testing the feasibility of a collaboration in the "Low Carbon Zone Project" in Shenzhen and in a Sino Dutch benchmarking project for drinking water and waste water treatment related associations and utilities, led - in the presence of prime minister Rutte in Shenzhen- to the signing of a Letter of Intent between the Chinese international Academy of Low Carbon Development Shenzhen and the Dutch companies Prisma & Associates, EBCFoundation, Foundation Summerlabb and Double2 company.

As far as the Low Carbon Zone Project is concerned, the establishment of a Holland House as a platform for collaboration among Chinese and Dutch Technology Institutes and industry will be considered and- at the same time- the introduction and implementation of a "Summerlabb " concept will be tested in a pilot project approach. Summerlabb houses are transportable, modular and sizable shelters for events, using environmentally friendly materials.


Feasibility of a Sino/Dutch hub in water and wastewater treatment  will be further investigated with the aim to not only assess the performances of Chinese water facilities but most of all to assess possible improvements to be made to bring the quality of the Shenzhen utilities at a qualitatively higher level; Dutch industry and technology institutes will assist their Chinese counterparts to implement innovative solutions wherever possible.

In a common water seminar to be organized at the end of 2015 by Shenzhen and the Dutch Embassy in Beijing and the Consulates in Guangzhou and Hong Kong  possibilities for collaboration in the water sector will be further elaborated by EBCFoundation and Prisma & Associates. 

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